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Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

We’ve put together a list of memorable encounters that everyone should experience. You might not be able to tick all of them off your bucket list, but you might just find an encounter that you simply have to do.

memorable encounters
to experience in 2021

"Best trip I have ever been on. I have traveled with many tour companies but none compare to the itinerary, information, and professionalism of this company."
"My boyfriend and I just returned from a trip booked by Encounters Travel. The trip was amazing. The flights were the best flights and shortest flights available. Our hotels had great food and gorgeous view. I emailed them alot and each time I heard back from someone with a day or two. I would book travel with them again."
"My first time in Egypt and I have to say it was amazing!! The tour guide was very knowledgeable of the country and provided us with excellent service. I highly recommend going to Egypt with Encounters Travel. It’s a once in a lifetime trip!!!"
"My boyfriend and I and just returned from a South African trip booked by Encounters Travel. Awesome travel experience. Encounters handled everything from our flights to our hotel bookings. The flights that were booked were the best flights with the shortest times and layovers. All of our hotels were at least a 4 stars, some 5 stars. Every time I emailed the company I heard back from someone within about 24 hours. I would book and travel with them again."

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